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Happy 2 Years DBB!

Wow! It's been 2 years already.

Thank you all so much for your constant love and support. I am so happy to see DBB turn 2 years old.

DBB at Seven Doors The Colony

It has been a true honor to learn so much from this community. It has been a phenomenal experience to see how this community has grown. From attending each workshop or brunch, to seeing real friendships being formed amongst the bloggers.

I love to see you all form relationships with local businesses. Y'all are killing the blogger game!

As the founder, I have learned so much for this community.

Here are 3 things I have learned.

  1. Support means everything. The support I receive means so much to me. A lot of the DBB members tag DBB in their photos to represent us. I love that. Also, the DBB members share photos and quotes that I post on the DBB profile. Not to mention how many people connect with DBB and share another DBB member told them about DBB. I'm always so shocked and pleased to hear that.

  2. Update on trends. This community keeps me update to date on all the new trends that relate to the advancement of the bloggers. Whether it is a new book or a new IG feature, the DBB audience will let me know.

  3. This community wants more of DBB. With restrictions being lifted and the summer is still present, y'all are OUTSIDE! Each event we hosted over the summer was sold out. The latest brunch sold out in a couple of hours. So that means the DBB audience is looking for more from Dallas Black Bloggers. Whether it is a restaurant recommendation, blogger feature, or featuring a new business, the DBB audience is interested. I am dedicated to offering more to this community.

As we go into Year 3, DBB will be a lot more active with our IG profile, with the Dallas community, and directly interacting with the DBB audience.

The DBB community is growing. The DBB name is being heard and we are being seen.

And that is my dream.

My dream was to bring a new state to the meaning of bloggers and for black bloggers to be recognized. The dream is fulfilling itself.

I feel happy, blessed, excited, and ready for year 3!

Photos taken by:

Destin from @Ameer Images



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