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Brands We Use to Run DBB

We get a lot of questions about where to buy customized t-shirts and/or customized business cards.

For almost 2 years, DBB has been in business. We have tried a lot of things to help contribute to the success of our business. When we first started in business, we asked our peers where they got certain products from for their branding material. We have ordered and fell in love with those same brands.

These brands have helped DBB run smoothly and we are here to spill the tea!



Snapfish allows you to create personalized photobooks, gifts, decor, and more memories to share with others. We purchase our customized coffee cups from Snapfish. They have sales on the coffee cups often and prices may vary. We love Snapfish and their customer service is on point. If there is every any discoloration on a product, they will replace it with no issues. The only con I have about Snapfish is that shipping can be expensive.

Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is a custom sticker platform. They also offer customized labels, magnets, and packaging material. We love Sticker Mule. We have ordered custom stickers and pins. It's moreso promotional material, but it can bring a special element to customers. They can add the stickers to their laptops or wear the pinks on t-shirts. It's just another way for our members to represent DBB. Sticker Mule hosts discounts, too. Be sure to check out their website and view what they offer.


DFW Ink is a screen printer, located in Arlington. DBB only uses DFW Ink for our t-shirts. Their prices are good and they are good with the timing process.

They are a one-stop shop! They have different types of t-shirt material and colors available. Also, if you need a logo, they can assist.

Connect with them ASAP and tell them that DBB sent you!


VistaPrint helps small businesses market themselves. VistaPrint hosts marketing materials, such as, customized business cards, stationary items, holiday cards, and much more.

DBB uses VistaPrint for our business cards. They have a really, good deal on business cards.

Dollar Tree

Nothing like being able to go into the Dollar Tree and grab last minute items. For parties, I love to stop into Dollar Tree to check out things before I try to get some party favors.

I like to pick up napkins, gift bags, plates, and forks from the Dollar Tree. You can find some really cute items at the Dollar Tree. Just have a little patience and imagination, and you can make it happen for sure.


I know you already have a saved cart on their website. I'm not judging. But before you order, check out to see if there are some items available for your business.

Because Amazon has everything!


My business would not be able to run without Canva. That's on everything. Then I grew up and grabbed the Canva Pro subscription, and life has been amazing. We love no limits.

Canva is an online design tool that allows you to freely create flyers, invitations, presentations, everything! We like to use Canva for flyers and for our media/press kit. They have a large assortment of color



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