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8 Black Owned Liquor Brands in Dallas

It was a pleasure doing the research to find these 8 Black Owned Liquor Brands based in the DFW Metroplex! Love this for US ✊🏿


Casa De Reyes is a story of three black kings whose worlds collided at the intersection of increased risk tolerance, passion for quality spirits and the flip from professional athlete to businessman. From that, Casa De Reyes was born, with the goal to deliver a premium quality Tequila, and set the example that friends can turn to brothers and brothers can turn into a vessel set to embark on an unforgettable experience to build a timeless brand.

With smooth subtle notes of honey and smokey wooden undertones, Deception Spirits is undeniably the choice of the novice and experienced whiskey drinkers. Deception was birthed to combat the traditional offerings and stigmas associated with whiskey and to provide a new whiskey drinking experience.

At its core, Tequila with Friends is an experiential spirit brand easily defined in one statement – Good times. Great friends. Memories that last a lifetime. Their core values of exploration, entertainment, tequila, and community were established and, ultimately, Tequila with Friends Tequila Blanco was crafted.

As the first Black woman in the state of Texas, and third in the country, Rikki Kelly launches an exclusive tequila line. The Ego Tequila brand is on a mission to kill the "bad tequila" stigma by providing amateur drinkers and professional mixologists with an exciting cocktail experience straight from the heart of Jalisco, Mexico.

Ego Tequila is inspired by the experience of drinking well-made tequila. It makes one feel like a different person, invoking their tequila-imbibing alter ego.

Roy Williams and BJ Johnson left the NFL, but they quickly became teammates in a whole new arena. After a vodka company investment deal fell through, the duo decided to create their own craft-distilled vodka to make a premium product that appealed to sports fans and party-goers alike.

This flavorful sweet tea vodka infused with pineapple is five (5) times distilled and carefully crafted for exceptional flavoring. Enjoy this cool, refreshing drink on the rocks or simply sip it mixed with your favorite juices or lemonades.

Distilled from French sugar beets and is distinctly smooth and refreshing. This all-natural, gluten free vodka distilled from French sugar beets is the first of its kind in the U.S. market. SweetBeat Vodka has been secured inside of the top retailers in Texas, such as Total Wine and More, Goody Goody Liquor, Specs and Sigles. Due to retail consumer demand, SweetBeat Vodka has their brand activations in DFW restaurants and bars such as Clutch, Concrete Cowboy, Happiest Hour, Stirr, Citizen, OffTheCuff, ZaZa Hotel and Spa, Dee Lincoln Steak, Hotel Nylo, and Cowboys Club at The Star.

8. Grayson Whiskey (1/3 Black Owned)

The team behind Grayson Texas Blended Bourbon is delighted to announce its official debut in its home state of Texas, as the first black-owned whiskey brand to come from the region. Co-founded by native Texan, Author and Craft Spirits Professional Nico Martini, Former MLB three-time All-Star Vernon Wells, and Private Equity Investor Brandon Davis. This trio came together to create a whiskey that captures the boldness of Texas while paying homage to the Lone Star State.



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