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6 Dallas Black-Owned Coffee Shops

Coffee! A bloggers' true addiction.

Coffee keeps a blogger going! Whether you enjoy drip coffee or a dirty chai latte, these 6 coffee shops are sure to fix your caffeine cravings. They are also Black owned!

Check out these Black-owned coffee shops located throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Soiree coffee shop is a beautiful coffee shop and bar located in Trinity Groves. Soiree has become a huge staple in the Dallas community and makes some of the best coffee. They also host a jazz-themed weekend brunch with live music from local musicians. Soiree is a must try in Dallas. Be sure to order the Ella Fitzgerald latte!

Fort Worth needs more recognition, and Black Coffee is bringing the coffee! Black Coffee is located on the east side of Fort Worth, right next to Texas Wesleyan University. The owner, Mia Moss, is also a barista and Fort Worth native. Black Coffee has been open since 2019 and they host an amazing range of coffee and tea options. If you think Fort Worth is too far for coffee, grab a bag of coffee on their website.

Welcome to Staycation! It's inside a beautiful, renovated home built in the 1940s turned into a coffee shop. Located in Richardson, Staycation is a space to grab coffee, tea, and pastries. Be sure to stay up to date on the events they host at Staycation. Those events range from coffee cupping to live music.

Another amazing gem in Fort Worth! Hustle Blendz is an innovative cold brew company serving their specialty cold brew coffee at all times. Hustle Blendz recently opened in Fort Worth but has become very familiar within the community. They host yoga events and are located in a wonderful location. Be sure to stop by and grab a cold brew to go.

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans has a Black-owned franchise in North Dallas. PJ's Coffee is famous for their iced coffee, which is brewed daily by a special cold-drip process. Also, they are famous for their beignets! That's right! Grab a taste of New Orleans right here in North Dallas by ordering a pecan praline latte with an order of beignets.

Sweetwaters Cafe in Little Elm is a Black-owned franchise as well. Sweetwaters prides themselves on being a classic coffee cafe and their products are internationally influenced. Sweetwaters has coffees, tea, pastries, and much more. On your next visit, grab their green tea matcha. It's the best matcha out!



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