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We are Black History

This past year has been so much more different than the years before. Even Black History Month felt much different this year.

Although, 2020 was an eye opening year for a number of reasons, the main thing we felt during this period of time was that we were all united.

We were comforted by each other, supportive of each others' needs, and willing to open our hearts and listen to each other.

The energy from the world, altogether, was so strong... it brings tears to my eyes as I type.

Another positive notes was the world supported Black Culture and invited Black culture into spaces it had never been seen before. That was overwhelmingly beyond amazing.

That feeling was a true testament for me to understand why I created Dallas Black Bloggers and how this community is currently creating its own path in making Black History.

Dallas Black Bloggers was created as an outlet for bloggers in the Dallas area to be supported and exposed to a community of like-minded individuals. Our main goal is to create unity amongst ourselves.

As black creatives and influencers, we do not always have opportunities available to us, such as other bloggers. Although, the work and content we create is no different, Black bloggers don't always get the recognition they deserve.

Essentially, DBB was created in the realm stating we are the culture and we deserve to be recognized. Why? Because we are Black History 365/24/7.

I can't lie. It feels amazing to be a part of this community.

Dallas Black Bloggers has hosted workshops, brunches, and memorable photoshoots. We provide the most valuable resources for our community to assist in reaching their personal and blogging goals.

Our latest photoshoot was Black History Month themed. We wore all white attire to represent elegance and power.

Check out these photos below!

These photos gives me hope as a Black community leader. It makes me feel like we are heading in the right direction for a more equal and just environment. However, the journey never ends.

As the Dallas Black Blogger community grows, I want the very best for the DBB audience. I want the bloggers' voices heard. I want their work to be recognized. I want their names said in rooms were they are absent. I want them to be proud to be a Dallas Black Blogger, because I am.

We are Black History everyday.



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