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'Twas a DBB Friendsgiving

Oh, Friendsgiving!

DBB Friendsgiving at Haywire Plano

What a special moment for the Dallas Black Blogger family to fellowship together.

Blogger Chat!

As bloggers and influencers, it's always a good time to discuss current topics and trends. This time we spoke on the reasons many influencers are not relying on social media as much to interact with their peers and audience members. The attendees shared how their personal life requires more of their time recently. Others discussed how they are working on things outside of social media to advance their brand, blogs, etc. The most important statement we learned about social media is that it can be a real distraction. From seeing social injustice, to comparing ourselves to others, and even, not knowing where to start on this blogging journey. We all agreed that social media can be a distraction, but creating limits can be essential for our mental health.

We also shared things we have accomplished and/or new things that are in the works. It's amazing to see all the good things happening within our community.

Thank You Legacy West!

Special thank you to our partners at Legacy West.

Thank you to Haywire at Legacy West for treating us so well. Haywire is a restaurant with a mix of simple and sophistication located in Plano at Legacy West.

We tried their fried green tomatoes and their cheddar, jalapeno, and bacon biscuits. Y'all, the biscuits are a must try!

It was a pleasure to connect with the manager partner at Haywire, Mr. Armstrong, and he shared the story behind Haywire and the freshness of their food! We love a good story.

Be sure to check out the photos below.



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