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The 2021 DBB Conference

Dallas Black Bloggers hosted its first blogger conference in Dallas.

Wow! What an amazing event!

We had over 40 blogger attendees, 15 business vendors, and a ton of giveaways and sponsors!

The DBB conference was dedicated for attendees to learn new ways to take their blog(s) to the next level. The attendees were taught on how they are more than a blogger. But rather that as bloggers, we are the influencers of the social media culture.

At the conference, we welcomed 3 speakers to share their stories with the audience. Each speaker brought amazing pointers for the audience to gain.

Our first speaker, Melissa, is a Pinterest and SEO strategist. She expressed the reason for content creators to design 'evergreen content' that never expires on the web and the importance of locating your target audience. Melissa shared once the two objectives above are discovered, then you will be able to drive more traffic to your social media and increase your online presence.

Be sure to follow Melissa on Instagram @melissanikohl and subscribe to her website at

Our second speaker, Kai Michelle, is an influencer and sexologist. She informed us on how to engage with our audience by presenting quality content. Kai suggested understanding what your audience like by engage with them directly. Also, by asking your audience their preference can assist with creating content they will engage with.

Be sure to follow Kai Michelle on Instagram @mskaimichelle and subscribe to her website at

Our third speaker, Rachel Chang, is the property marketing manager at Legacy West shopping center. Rachel informed our audience on ways to engage and pitch to brands. Rachel explained the importance on the correct ways to communicate with brands. She shared brands appreciate when a blogger/influencer has completed their own research about any brand before pitching. Furthermore, Rachel described in detail how brands will use local influencers and bloggers before they create internet advertisements.

Rachel was very direct in justifying how influencers and bloggers should be getting compensated for the work they complete for any brand.

The audience was silenced.

Be sure to connect with Rachel on LinkenIn via @rachelchang.

If you missed this event, you missed out on a lot of fun things.

First, you missed the incredible speakers. Secondly, you missed the vendors. Thirdly, you missed our amazing sponsors.

Special thank you to our sponsors:

Thank you to our incredible vendors who were present at the DBB conference.

Thank you to our wonderful host, Jennifer Washington-McMurray, from JWM Productions. Connect with her via Instagram @jen_nique.

Thank you for our videographer, Dennis, from McMurray Media.

Thank you for our photographer, Destin, from McMurray Media.

Thank you for our DJ, Steve @djso4kis.

Thank you NYLO Las Colinas for having us at your location.

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