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Meet the DBB Founder

Meet Kayla McDowell, the Founder of Dallas Black Bloggers.

Kayla is a blogger, author, and entrepreneur. Kayla began her blogging journey as a beauty-based blogger. She shared makeup tips and shared new beauty products with her audience on Facebook and Instagram.

As her blog began to grow, Kayla wanted to connect with new bloggers in the Dallas area. She noticed there was a strong blogger community in Dallas and was a fan of their work. However, Kayla paid attention to the environment at many blogger and influencer events. Kayla felt the vibes were not as warm and as welcoming as she would have preferred.

One night after a blogger event, Kayla searched Instagram and the internet to determine if there was a black blogger community in Dallas that she could connect with. She did not find an active Black blogger community. So she created one!


Dallas Black Bloggers was created as a platform to meet new bloggers and to provide incredible opportunities for creating, learning, and meeting new bloggers within the DFW area. DBB seeks to connect bloggers with each other to host positivity, a safe space, and to grow their craft.

To this day, the support for DBB has been outstanding. DBB has hosted meetups, brunches, and photoshoots for the community.

Kayla is always so excited to see the DBB community grow each year. "I love to see the bloggers meet and hang out with each other in real life. Also, I love to see the bloggers doing things themselves, such as launching a new business or hosting their own event. That is always so awesome to see because I want to go to their events to support them the same way they support me!"

It's a true testament of how engaged this community is when there are real friendships and relationships being formed outside of the internet. Kayla gets to see bloggers collaborate together, hang out together, or partner with local businesses. That puts a smile on Kayla's face every single time.

Kayla's creativity has expanded over several years. She was the co-founder of a successful podcast studio in Dallas called Wolfe Nation Studios.

During that time, Kayla discovered more about her influence in the community. Once she began her new venture by searching for other bloggers and learning about the blogging community, Kayla is thankful to be the Founder of this community and cannot wait for more to come!


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