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Journaling or Blogging

Do you know the difference between journaling and blogging?

Let's discuss.

Journaling is the art of writing down or recording your personal thoughts, opinions, feelings, or concerns. It can allow the author to stay in the know of their feelings. Whether the feelings are sad, confused, or happy. Journaling can be identified as a form of meditation. Journaling is a form of mediation and can be a way to reduce stress and/or depression in one's life.

Writing down your personal thoughts or feelings can help you to become deeper within your thoughts and connect more with your mind.

Benefits of journaling

Journaling allows you to keep track and to write down your thoughts in hopes that you are releasing those certain feelings. If you are writing out your thoughts, you are releasing those feelings. Furthermore, you may be able to identify those feelings that are causing stress in your life or you may identify the things that bring you joy. Nevertheless, journaling can help clear your thoughts for you to learn more about yourself and improve your mood. Also, journaling can assist you in becoming a better communicator. You will be aware of your communication style and how you communicate with others.

Ways to stay consistent

The best way to stay consistent in journaling is to create a routine. You can try to journal before you begin your day or before you lay to rest for the night. Be sure to have your journal within reach and set a time.

The amount of time you journal is up to you. However, if you set aside a time for you to journal, it can help with your routine. Journaling can be completed daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily journaling is most ideal.

Be aware that consistency is key and helps you to build character. It makes you believe in yourself and helps you to accomplish your goals.

Difference between journaling and blogging

Many believe journaling and blogging are similar, however, they are quite different. Journalism is used for more personalized thoughts and feelings. Journaling is more-so a private documentation for self-reflection and person thoughts. Blogging is a public form of expressing self. A blog can be niche-filtered and can be used as entertainment or for an audience. Journaling is a free-form, private writing technique.

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