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Instagram Engagement Tracker

Have you ever checked out the analytics on your Instagram?

You should! There are many things you should know about your Instagram insights.

Because you are producing amazing content, your efforts deserve to be recognized.

But are they?

Let's dive into your Instagram analytics.

How to access your insights?

Accessing your Instagram's analytics is only available through business profile account users.

Let's take a look on your Instagram profile. At the top right corner, select the 3 lines. Then select 'insight.'

From there, you will see an overview of 3 sections, which includes accounts reached, content interactions, and total followers.

These 3 categories are essential to helping you understand your audience, measure your marketing creations, and much more.

Let's dig into each category.

1. Accounts reached provided a vision of how many times your posts have been seen, how many profile visits you received, and how many websites clicks you have received within the select timeframe. This section shares your top posts and top IG stories that were viewed and interacted by your audience members.

2. Content interactions shows exactly how many likes, comments, saves, and shares you received for the select timeframe. You can view how many replies you received over each IG story interactions, too.

3. Total followers is a serious follower breakdown page to reflect follower growth, whether by how many people followed you or by how many people unfollowed you. This section provides the top locations, age groups, and genders of your followers.

Great data, right?

The point of tracking information is to know and understand your audience more.

You have the opportunity to shift your content in a way that may lead to conversion rates. Or you can schedule your upcoming content to match the information you received from your insights. You can even challenge your audience with new content creation, such as videos, etc.

As a blogger, measuring this type of data can increase the effectiveness of your blog altogether. It can encourage your readers to come back and engage more with your content. All of which creates loyalty and adds more traffic directly to you and your blog.

Download your IG Engagement Tracker below.



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