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15 Powerful Black History Month Content Ideas

February Content Calendar for 2023

While Black Americans have lent the country their achievements, influence, expertise, and experience for centuries, the month of February gives us a chance to celebrate with an entire dedicated month.

It’s time to pay tribute with a few page-turning, viewer-attracting ideas that will not only drive traffic to your website but educate the world on what Black History Month stands for.

A quick Martin Luther King, Jr. quote isn’t going to cut it. Check out these Black History Month content ideas for your website, blog, social media, and video platforms to give credit where credit is due… to our nation’s unsung heroes.

15 Powerful BHM Content Ideas

15 Traffic-Inducing February Content Ideas for Black History Month
  1. Black Historical Figure Spotlight

  2. Diverse Marketing Strategies and How to Integrate them into Your Business Plan

  3. Highlight Local and National Black Businesses and Their Contributions to Society

  4. Offer Up a History Lesson

  5. Start an Online Book Club Accentuating Black Authors

  6. Invite a Guest Speaker to Your Video or Podcast

  7. Add a Series of Black History Month Quotes to Live By

  8. Take Time to Honor America’s Historic Black Military Vets

  9. Host a Contest and Giveaway for Black History Month

  10. Go on a Virtual Road Trip with Images and Videos that highlight Black Culture throughout History

  11. Broadcast Images and Encourage Online Discussion on Black Artists and their Paintings, Poetry, Short Stories, Sculpture, etc.

  12. Dive Deep into the Progression of Racial Injustice and Systematic Racism and How it Often Still Plagues Black Americans Today

  13. Explain the Origins of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Pay Tribute to other Black Activists Advocating for Change Across the Country

  14. Honor Black Musicians and How Their Contributions Shaped Music Throughout the Decades

  15. Recreate Traditional Historic Recipes from history from Influential Black Contributors throughout History

Have fun with the creation of your content for Black History Month! There’s so much to learn and share to make this country a place where these gifts are celebrated - not just during the month of February.

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