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February Content Calendar

Happy Planning!

For the month of February, we can't think past the 14th. And that is okay. But there is a lot more things to discuss in February than Valentine's Day.

There is Black History Month, LGBT+ History Month, and much more. For others, it may be the time to think about summer vacations or getting ready for the spring. There are many topics to discuss and a lot of activities to do.

February Content Calendar

Here are 15 blog and/or Instagram post ideas for you to use for the month of January.

  1. Favorite soul food recipes

  2. Local black history museums/tours

  3. Local black owned restaurants

  4. Favorite books by Black authors

  5. New Year's Resolution update

  6. Updated workout routine

  7. Solo date ideas for singles

  8. Favorite February Amazon finds

  9. Galentine's themed brunch ideas/gifts

  10. Favorite romance books

  11. Favorite romance Netflix/Hulu movies

  12. Valentine's Day date night outfit

  13. Valentine's Day gift ideas for Her/Him

  14. Valentine's Day date night ideas at home

  15. Valentine's Day recipes


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