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Business Promo Week

Dallas Black Bloggers has connected with a lot of local businesses in the DFW area. Check out some businesses within the DBB community that we have embraced as family.


So So Good Cooking, LLC.

If you missed out on her holiday popup dinner event, you missed out! Truthfully, if you have not tried any of Sophia's cuisine, you are missing out!

For her most recent event, we enjoyed a 4-course meal, served with lamp chops, salmon, and chicken pasta. Just to name a few items.

The most important thing for you to know is Sophia has her own line of seasoning spices. For her event, each meal was tasted with her seasoning collection.

Be sure to check out her website at and follow her on Instagram @sosogoodcooking.

Val Jean-Baptiste, CEO of Val's Cheesecakes

Val's Cheesecakes

Val's Cheesecakes is a staple in the DFW area and totally worth the hype.

Val began to sell cheesecakes once his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Every Sunday, her and Val would bake a cheesecake together to share good laughs and to keep her mind off of the current situation.

After her passing, Val began to sell his cheesecakes at restaurants within the DFW community. It was an instant hit!!

Val left his role as a professional civil engineer after 17 years and opened his store front Val's Cheesecakes.

Val’s goal is to continue to share his mothers’ love of cheesecake and to perpetually inspire love, grace, dignity, and respect. All of which his mother left with him.

Be sure to follow @valscheesecakes and order a pie for the next special family occasion. 🍰

Brittany, Founder of Focus & Frame Eyewear

Focus & Frame Eyewear

Trust us when we say you need a pair of Focus & Frame Eyewear.

Focus & Frame eyewear was created after Brittany wanted to curate a custom selection of quality frames that captures culture, confidence, and creativity! And she did just that!

F&F is a staple amongst the DBB Community for both prescription and non-prescription eyewear. Currently, the DBB founder has 6 pairs 🤓

Be sure to check out their website at and

follow them on Instagram at @focusandframeeyewear and order a pair!

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water

Eleven86 Real Artesian Water

Drinking my water and minding my business is my top priority! And we are obsessed with Eleven86 Artesian Water.

They have truly became our family over a short period of time!

Eleven86 water is real Artesian water birthed in Alabama and is a black-owned water company! 👏🏽

If you are in the DFW area, connect with @prioritydistributionllc to get your case of Eleven86 water TODAY!!!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @eleven86water 💧 ✨

Jennifer Washington-McMurray, CEO of JWM Productions

JWM Productions

The hottest host in all of the DFW! Mz.Jen what they call her 😂

Jennifer Washington-McMurray is a professional singer, public speaker, podcaster, radio host, blogger, and event coordinator! A true and talented woman with a kind heart!

Be sure to follow Mz. on Instagram at @jen_unique and be on the lookout for her next pop-up vendor event!

Destin, CEO of Ameer Image

Ameer Image

Need a photographer?

Visit Destin from Ameer Image for all your photography needs! A Professional and creative mind dedicated to making the picture perfect. Destin has helped bring some of DBB’s most popular photos to life!

Book your next photo session with Destin via his Instagram profile at @ameerimage_ .


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