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DBB Goals for 2022

Happy 2022! Friend, we made it!

At the beginning of any year, it's all about new goals and new year resolutions. And YES! It can be an overload to see everyone share their goals for the new year. But it can be essential to know and understand what your goals are at any time during the year.

DBB has goals for our business as well. For this year, we decided to complete yearly, quarterly, and monthly goals. Why? Because they seem more realistic towards our overall goals of the year.

Also, DBB wants to get into a routine. Our routine will include posting on our website, showing up for the DBB audience more, and to connect with our community in person. It's like we are staying accountable, allowing creativity to flow naturally, and to have fun!

Check out these 3 goals DBB has for 2022.

1. 4 blog posts every month

DBB is a community of bloggers. So we blog! Whatever the topic may be, we want to stay consistent on our website and create more blogging material. We think being accountable for four (4) blog posts is a good, sweet spot.

2. Show up for the DBB community

For 2022, I want to show up more on the DBB social media. I want to start going live and sharing more videos. It's fun, it's intimate, and I want to connect more with the DBB family online.

3. Monthly meetups

Meetups are needed for bloggers to socialize and build a strong community. It's always a good time to meet with other like-minded individuals and chat about current trends we enjoy. In 2022, DBB will create monthly meetups, such as coffee, restaurant, and brunch gatherings. Not with too many people, to stay in guidelines, but will stay in touch with each other.

As we move into 2022, goals aren't necessary, but are fun to have! They can help keep your vision in alignment and keep you on track for whatever your goal may be.

What are some goals you may have for 2022? Share below


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