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DBB Feature: Southwest Medical Center

Southwest Family Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.

Dear Life University students in Dallas

The Organization

Southwest Family Medicine is a focused, dedicated, true 'one-stop shop' medical center with the goal of providing extensive health care in the Dallas area to treat your physical, emotional, and mental health matter(s).

Southwest Family Medicine believes in investing time and effort into their clients and getting to know you and your family's health concerns. This allows the services and treatment for each client to be customized to their unique needs.

Meet The Founder

The founder, Chrisette Dharma, MD, has been dedicated to her work at Southwest Family Medicine for over two decades. While growing up, her initial passion was for dance. As time as continued, she discovered her true purpose was to help others and make a difference as a physician.

After completing her residency in 1999 at St. Paul's Hospital in Dallas, Dr. Dharma constructed her own small medical practice and Southwest Family Medicine Associates (SFMA) was created.

Chrisette Dharma has faced many unique challenges and obstacles along the way as a minority female physician. Dharama has received unwavering support from her incredible patients and community. Southwest Family Medicine has become a success that surpassed her wildest expectations.

Southwest Family Medicine, and now Southwest Mind and Body, prides themselves on being a reflection of their patients. The team of caregivers represents the rich diversity within their community and reflects the importance of minority voices within the healthcare field.

"Our success isn't just about numbers and growth; it's deeply rooted in our commitment to inclusivity and diversity," said Dharma.

After attending multiple biohacking conferences, Dr. Dharma was inspired to bring new therapies and modalities to her patients and the Dallas community. Though once considered exclusive medicine, she believed treatments such as cryotherapy, red light therapy, and saunas should be accessible to all.

This vision led her to open Southwest Mind and Body, a new Dallas clinic staffed by two physicians who help patients pursue natural healing. The clinic also offers ELEVATE, an affordable membership program providing access to leading-edge biohacking treatments including cryotherapy and salt therapy.

To sign up for a Mind and Body service or membership visit

Learn more about Southwest Medical Family Center and the new Southwest Mind and Body at

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