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DBB Feature: Dear Life University

Dear Life University provides resources that nurture and empower young adults by giving students the guidance and life assistance necessary to embark on their college journey.

Dear Life University students in Dallas

The Organization

Dear Life University is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to create a safe space for young adults growing and experiencing life transitions.

Dear Life University has encouraged their students to become successful by hosting career camps, financial literacy classes, and through college tours. They also have introduced different techniques the student can use to cook and understand the concept of student loans.

Meet The Founder

The founder, Michelin Smith, established Dear Life University five (5) years ago. Smith has been ad adovate for the evolution of college students since she was 17 years old. Once she noticed a family member go through many challenges during college, Smith thought other students may be going through the same things.

Smith wanted to help mold and shape the next generation of college students through a collection of resources. Therefore, Dear Life University was born as a one-stop shop of helpful resources to educate students on how to become financially stable, learn their career paths, and understand how to survive college life.

Michelle shares she loves helping a young adult transition through college.

Dear Life University Founder, Michelin Smith
Photo by Destin Ameer of Ameer Images
"College is where you find yourself awhile trying to pass classes," said Smith. "Life can be very challenging during college and being able to share resources with the students to help tackle adulthood gives me a joy that is unmatched."

Learn more about Dear Life University and their effort to encourage college students with resources by visiting their website at

Be sure to follow Dear Life University on all social media platforms.


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