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DBB Favorite Books

Or current favorite reads.

August 9th was National Book Lover's Day.

National Book Lover's Day harnesses all the excitement and feelings surrounding books. National Book Lover's Day inspires others to find their favorite reading spot, grab a good book, and read the day away.

We asked the DBB audience to share their favorite or most current read.

Here are the responses:

Antania - @antaniashanae

Antania is a multi-platform blogger and shares her current read is 'Open Book' by Jessica Simpson. Antania states the book is a memoir dedicated to singer Jessica Simpson. The story is about Jessica Simpson's upbringing in Dallas, how she started as an music artist, and the growing pains she experienced as a celebrity.

Antania explains that as an entertainment blogger herself, she loved reading the story from an artist standpoint. Antania states it was inspirational for her because Jessica Simpson never lost her faith during the most dramatic times of her music career.

Kayla - @1kaylamac

Kayla is a beauty and resource blogger and shares her current read is '48 Laws of Power' by Robert Greene. Kayla states the book provides insight into the knowledge of true leadership. Kayla believes the main way to move as an effective leader is to study and understand people. Furthermore, Kayla believe the key to obtaining power is to always be humble, knowledgeable, and to always be aware of how you make other feel.

Kayla expresses people may not remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Ashely - @ashleymorris

Ashley is a lifestyle and career blogger. Ashley explains her current and most beloved read is 'We Should All Be Millionaires' by Rachel Rodgers. Ashley shares the book discloses how Rachel Rodgers triumphs every single excuse, stigma, statistic, income level, ethnicity, insecurity, credit score, and 401K balance all within the first chapter of the book. Ashley believes once you finish the first chapter of the book, you will believe you can become a millionaire, too. Ashley encourages every woman to take risks and leap into your journey with faith.

Lachy -

Lachy is a faith based blogger. Lachy shares her favorite book is the Entrepreneur Hack by Olachi Uzoma. Lachy shares this book is her first publication. Lachy affirms her book equips the readers with basic tools on how to start with small goals in order to achieve larger goals. Lachy explains from chapter one to the final chapter, this book encourages you to bet on yourself to embark of the new journey ahead. Lachy documents the various encounters of hardship that tested her faith, but the key element to pursing your dream is to be relentless.

Share below your favorite read! Your book might be the next best thing amongst the DBB community!

PS: The links above are Amazon affiliate links and I may make a small commission at no cost to those who use them, which helps me to share more with the DBB community. Thank you!



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