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Dallas Theatre Centre Presents Trouble In Mind

Now on Stage at Dallas Theatre Centre, Trouble In Mind, is written by Alice Childress and directed by Tiana Kaye Blair.

Trouble in Mind is the play for anyone who is seeking to explore open dialogue about racial identity and perception. The play tells the story of frictional Black actress, Wilette Mayer (played by Denise Lee), casted as the main character of a supposedly "progressive" play about racism and directed by a white male director, Al Manners (played by Jeremy Rishe).

The play is set as a play within a play. Mayer is sharing their thoughts and opinions on how the outcome of the play should be. She expresses her concerns that if the play wants to overcome the idea of racism in film, then Manners would have to dig a little deeper into his own bias and prejudices as the director.

Things comes to a heated discussion between Manners and Mayer when she takes a stand on how the play's storyline ought to proceed. That storyline, according to Mayer, includes peaceful resolutions, acts of courage, and uplifting Black actors in the film industry.

Trouble in Mind was very inspiring, realistic, and relatable.

After the show, the ensembled cast returned to the stage to answer questions from the audience. The audience felt empowered to share their thoughts and opinions about the play. Everyone was excited and truly honored to have witnessed such an inspirational story. It was a pleasure to connect with the case members directly.

Dallas Theatre Center (DTC) is located at Kalita Humphreys Theatre. DTC was founded in 1950 and is one the nation's leading producers of classics and world premieres. DTC is home to twelve-members, who represent a signature component of Dallas Theatre Centers', including Tiana Kaye Blair.

DTC hosts a diverse community of actors and actresses who wants their audience attendees to create new ways of thinking and of living.

Dallas Theatre Center is the anchor for other programs, including plays, workshops, and many other programs.

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Don't miss out on the play 'Trouble In Mind'
playing until October 30th.



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