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4 Ways to Prep for the Holiday Season

Is your blog prepared for the upcoming holiday season?

Dallas Black Bloggers wants to share four ways for you to plan your content for the holiday season!

1. Review analytics

Review your analytics to determine who your audience members are, how they engage with your content, and the value of content they are seeking from you. Your analytics from your social media platforms can be beneficial to the growth of your brand.

2. Plan content

This is the fun part! Determine then hottest topics you would like to share with your audience for the holiday season. To help with planning, create a blog do-to list, review your content calendar, and write down topics that will be of interest for your audience. At DBB, we like to plan for the month. But we break it down weekly to ensure our topics are trending or the most up to date.

3. Branding

Branding is everything! Branding can include your blog's niche, theme, and/or design. Branding can even include you showing up for your brand. The best way to tackle branding is to create a branding strategy. A strategy can be essential for your content to be recognized and can presented as the most valuable asset to the advancement of your brand.

4. Consistency.

Consistency is key! We have all heard this saying before. But the more active you are with your content, the more people will see your content. This has been a proven fact. For example, if you find a viral TikToker, you go to their profile, and discover they have been making funny videos for some time - that reason would be because they have been consistent with their content and one of their videos went viral. We would suggest creating a posting schedule to stay on track with your content.


There are a couple of bonus ways for you to prep your blog for the holiday season and have the opportunity to make some money.

  • Become a brand ambassador for your favorite brand

  • Create an opt-in feature for your audience, such as a holiday gift guide, recipe, checklist, etc.


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