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The 2020 Exposure

We want to thank everyone for making The 2020 Exposure our largest event to date!

Dallas Black Bloggers presented The 2020 Exposure as a way to network and connect with other like-minded individuals together. The 2020 Exposure was also created to allow meaningful relationships to curate and increase individuals' own brands, businesses, or themselves for the new year. And boy - WAS IT A SUCCESS!!

There were so many creatives under one roof. There were photographers, consultants, meal planners, and life coaches present; just to name a few. We can't express how exciting it was to see those connections being made. The positive energy and love could not be measured.

As this year continues, I want to share with you that the time is NOW. It is time to build your tribe, to start your blog, to create your content. Whatever your brand desires the time is now.

Do not be afraid to accomplish your goals.

Thank you to our sponsors:


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